Monday, June 11, 2012

Novena for Day 29 of the Month

"Remember, God is the source and the beginning of all things."

Reflection for Today:

The encounter with the invisible God takes place through creation which is the visible face of God. As a Lay Salettinian I must direct my heart along the way where I can feel sure that I will not substitute the experience of God with distractions during the course of my daily life.

Through the realities of daily life may I experience the goodness of God the Creator and the Liberator. He is the one who reconciles everything with Himself through His gift of sanctifying grace.

Final Prayers:

Remember, Our Lady of La Salette,
true Mother of Sorrows,
the tears you shed for us on Calvary.
Remember also the care you have taken
to keep us faithful to Christ, your Son.
Having done so much for your children,
you will not now abandon us.
Comforted by this consoling thought,
we come to you pleading,
despite our infidelities and ingratitude.
Virgin of Reconciliation, do not reject our prayers,
but intercede for us,
obtain for us the grace
to love Jesus above all else.
May we console you by a holy life
and so come to share the eternal life
Christ gained by his cross. Amen.

Most holy Mother, Our Lady of La Salette,
who for love of me shed such bitter tears
in your merciful apparition,
look down with kindness upon me,
as I consecrate myself to you without reserve.
From this day, my glory shall be to know
that I am your child.
May I so live as to dry your tears
and console your afflicted heart.
Beloved Mother, to you
and to your blessed charge and sacred keeping
and into the bosom of your mercy,
for this day and for every day,
and for the hour of my death
I commend myself, body and soul,
every hope and every joy,
every trouble and every sorrow,
my life and my life's end.
O dearest Mother, enlighten my understanding,
direct my steps,
console me by your maternal protection,
so that exempt from all error,
sheltered from every danger of sin,
I may, with ardor and invincible courage,
walk in the paths traced out for me
by you and your Son. Amen.

Queen of radiant Light,
Blessed Lady of La Salette,
grant us the grace to realize fully the great truth
that God's ways are above our own.
Help us, through your loving example,
to place before God our life and our talents,
our time and our gifts.
May we always be ready to be used by God
for all good things, great and small.
Grant that, through your loving
intercession, we may be reconciled
with God's gracious plan for us.
May your Son open our eyes in faith
to see the path God bids us walk
and may we be willing always
to follow the Way that leads
to life everlasting. Amen.

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